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Stephan Schildberg <schildberg@[redacted].de>
Monday, 07-Oct-2013 12:15 GMT
Dear guys,

could you send me please an e-mai-contact address to Alain Farner?

kind regards,

Stephan Schildberg


[HC] domain pantechnicon.org
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Colin Holgate <coiin@[redacted].net>
Monday, 07-Oct-2013 12:26 GMT
I cant see any recent emails here from him, but you can get all of his d
etails from the whois record for the domain.

[HC] domain pantechnicon.org
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Alain Farmer <alain_farmer@[redacted].com>
Monday, 07-Oct-2013 17:18 GMT
Hi Stephan,
alain_farmer @ yahoo.com
or just reply to this e-mail.
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