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[HC] The Lost Pharaoh
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richmond@[redacted].com <richmond@[redacted].com>
Saturday, 05-Apr-2014 17:57 GMT
I am looking for a copy of the Hypercard stack "The Lost Pharaoh".
[HC] The Lost Pharaoh
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Derks Peter <peterderks@[redacted].de>
Sunday, 06-Apr-2014 21:41 GMT

do you mean LostPharoah, a folder of 1995 containing 2 stack, 13 pic
ture and 2 text files (total 1.9 MB) ?


[HC] The Lost Pharaoh
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richmond@[redacted].com <richmond@[redacted].com>
Tuesday, 08-Apr-2014 08:59 GMT
Yes, Thanks ; but I have already found it. This was a search started by a silly boast Daniel Molitor (who
made those stacks) made, by claiming he had produced proper page turn animations there; when, in fact
all he had done was use HC's built in transitions such as "wipe left".
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