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[HC] Porting HyperTalk Apple Event to AppleScript
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photosx88@[redacted].com <photosx88@[redacted].com>
Monday, 05-May-2014 19:17 GMT
Hello to all,

It is heart warming to read a living HyperCard community.

As incredible as it may seems, HyperCard do still plays an essential part in my work.

I wish to find a way to keep the data and the scripts alive.

I wonder, if someone may guide me about the following issue, if it still possible and if yes, to tell me where I can find the information how to do it?

The following HyperTalk script lines actually works within SuperCard:


put "eppc://user:password@" into ServeurAE

request "findFilm(ECF("& quote & NoPhoto & quote &"))" from program ServeurAE


When the functions "FindFilm(ECF(NoPhoto))" are sent with text variable "NoPhoto" to a remonte machine running HyperCard under OS X Tiger with Classic, it returns the full text content of the matching card.

If I remember well, it was possible to do the equivalent with AppleScript, but I can't remember how. And I have never done it.

If is possible, I wish I can do it from AppleScript under OS X Maverick.

Can anyone help or refer to where I might find the answer?

Many thanks

André Tremblay
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