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[HC] Re: help with Sheepshaver
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drjohntas <drjohntas@[redacted].com>
Monday, 15-Sep-2014 18:14 GMT
Hi all .. I had not heard of Chubby Bunny until seeing this discussion a couple of weeks ago. I have run my medical practice with Hypercard since 1989 and have relied on a stash of old Macs bought second hand to keep things running. The ease of installing OS 9 with Chubby Bunny has been a revelation .. I now have all my Hypercard software/records/databases on my Macbook Air under Lion. All purring along perfectly. As far as memory is concerned .. the "classic HD" which comes as a default hard disc in Sheepshaver is small, but, as all I am primarily interested in is Hypercard, even with my 25Mb patient records database, there is more than enough room for me to run my business under this system. I trashed all the Freeware applications except the print to PDF so as to free-up as much space as possible..
The system works perfectly hand-in-hand with OS X. All my other IT requirements are better done with the OS X applications anyway.
One nice discovery was that the two systems share clipboard.. so I have all my 60,000 scanned-in reports docs in OS X and their file-names in Hypercard fields in OS 9 .. a click and into clipboard then search with spotlight in OS X. Similarly print to PDF in OS9 and I can whip a letter off as a pdf attachment in OS X.
I wish I had discovered Chubby Bunny before .. thanks for the lead.

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