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[HC] hypertalk <=> sql translator?
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eric.engle <eric.engle@[redacted].com>
Sunday, 17-May-2015 17:01 GMT
Does anyone know of a hypertalk <=> sql translator? I am learning SQL and would really appreciate if such a thing existed to build queries because its syntax is unfamiliar to me.

Thank you.
[HC] hypertalk <=> sql translator?
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joncooper <joncooper@[redacted].au>
Sunday, 17-May-2015 23:46 GMT
I'd be very surprised if such a thing existed. SQL is a language based on database tables, HyperTalk is a language based on HyperCard objects. XFCNs and XCMDs that manipulate SQL databases probably exist (Frederic Rinaldi?) but that's a very different thing.

Jonathan Cooper
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