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[HC] HyperCard for Education - Educator HomeCard
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andrewferguson500 <andrewferguson500@[redacted].com>
Wednesday, 26-Apr-2017 09:31 GMT
Whilst on ebay the other day, I stumbled across something I hadn't seen
before: HyperCard For Education - Educator HomeCard

A quick search online brought up this article
which is only available in partial form unless you subscribe, but it
described it as "The Educator HomeCard is a set of stacks organized into
three main areas: Lesson Management, Student Management, and Ideas..."
before it cuts off and demands you subscribe to view any more.

I won't be buying it - the listing cost and postage to UK make it too
expensive - but I was just curious to see if anyone here knew anything more
about it, or had ever used it?

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