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[HC] self extracting archives? (.SEA)
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eric.engle <eric.engle@[redacted].com>
Monday, 16-Oct-2017 13:00 GMT

I found some nifty stacks which are in stuffit self-extracting archive format.

I'm using windows and cannot extract them. Tried to install basilisk but no joy.

Are there any easy solutions to extracting stacks from a stuffit self extracting archive? (SEA) Tried downloading stuffit for windows. Only extracts .sit not .sea

Thanks in advance.


[HC] self extracting archives? (.SEA)
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andrewferguson500 <andrewferguson500@[redacted].com>
Monday, 16-Oct-2017 14:14 GMT
Bear in mind that if you extract them on Windows you will lose resource
fork*, which contains sounds, icons and externals.

That being said, I've had _a lot_ of success with a tool called the
Unarchiver. Not only can it extract .sit, but also .hqx, .sea, .bin and
most other archive formats. It really does do everything you could ever
need. (It is so versatile I use it as part of the backend for HyperCard
Online, because it will be able to extract almost any format that is

Perhaps the only downside for the Unarchiver is that it is command-line
only. I don't find that much of an issue (in some cases it makes thing much
easier). Simply head to https://theunarchiver.com/command-line
<https://theunarchiver.com/command-line>; and download the Zip under the
"Windows" heading. You'll get two tools, unar (which actually unarchives
stuff) and lsar (which lists the contents of archives without actually
extracting anything).

For example, *unar myZip.zip* will unarchive the contents of the zipped
folder myZip.zip.

*(In fact, the unarchiver is able to extract the resource forks. They're
not particularly useful, because nothing can open them, but it's nice to
know that feature is there)

Last thing:
I have unar/lsar on my computer right now. If all the above seems too
complex, feel free to email me the .sit and I'll extract it for you.

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