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[HC] Does anyone know an IDE for javascript that is like hypercard?
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eric.engle <eric.engle@[redacted].com>
Thursday, 01-Feb-2018 14:55 GMT

About 15 years ago, before metacard, I was looking at shifting from hypercard to javascript and learned JS. However, this was in the middle of the browser wars and so NS and MS would constantly develop different competing standards and frankly try to break each others code. JS back then wasn't nearly powerful enough to do all the things you can do in hypercard. E.g., here was no

document.getElementById('boldStuff').innerHTML = 'Fred Flinstone'; etc. I love hypercard so much because I can get the clickloc the clicktext, the char etc. The text processing is simply much better than javascript, at least 15 years ago.

That may have changed since now one can

Which leads me to this question

Does anyone know an IDE for javascript that is like hypercard?

What I find frustrating about JS is I am compelled to use a text editor. Yaldex is a bit outdated and it's UI really isn't like hypercard. Whenever I try to do anything in JS I wind up using notepad and the developer options in firefox. This is kinda frustrating because I want something like hypercard but for JS/HTML. Kompozer/Seamonkey is just fine for my html/css but is not really apt for JS.

Jjavascript/HTML is probably a better longer term approach to my dictionary project, at least in terms of putting it in front of people, but for text processing I am currently better off using metacard. So probably I will develop in Metacard and deploy in HTML however perhaps I can develop it directly in JS/HTML?

Thanks for your ideas!

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